Explore the Vast Virgin Komi Forests in Russia

The Virgin Komi Forests defines Russian greatness. It is a forest of aspens, conifers, birches, peat bogs, natural lakes majestic rivers and any other natural feature that you may associate with northern Europe.

Pack Your Bags And Go To Spain

You'll get an endless dose of vitamin D. If you're planning your first ever sojourn abroad, here's a great idea, go to Spain. It is One of The Must-See Countries in Europe every year.

Go ahead stay in a castle on your next travel adventure

​Have you ever thought about living in a castle while on vacation?  In countries such as Germany, Ireland, France, Italy and Scotland, you can often stay in a castle for far less than a hotel.   •    Castle Hotel Auf Schönberg  This castle is surrounded by a beautiful view of the Rhine River along with vineyards and trails for hiking and is...

5 Interesting Facts About Tianzi Mountains

The Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the northern part of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Hunan Province. It takes its name from Xiang Dakun, a man who led a revolution and called himself "Tianzi," which means Son of Heaven. Visitors who climb up the mountain are greeted by many sites with stories about Xiang Dakun and his last...

Explore the wildlife of southwestern Australia

Australia is one of the few last frontiers on the globe where wildlife lives in relative peace and in their natural habitats, away from human encroachment. The Australian government has made a concerted effort to ensure this remains so in the coming years.