Cold winter weather, a cappuccino, and a good book go hand-in-hand. Maybe it's the cooler-than-norm temperatures that inspired me to pick up Helen Thayer’s POLAR DREAM?  The story is about the first female to ski solo to the magnetic North Pole. 

After 2 years of research and planning, Helen embarks on her amazing expedition. Unnerving polar bear encounters fill her with self-doubt   on the first few days of her journey. 

This reminded me of several years ago - I was lacing up my hiking boots about to begin my most ambitious hike ever: an 8 day Trek in the Himalayas. I had a case of nerves and my internal dialogue was asking, "What have you gotten yourself into?"  I took a deep breath, and thought logically “You’ve done all the training and have years and kilometers of hiking behind you.” I put my daypack on and within moments of walking, the butterflies vanished. I smiled - I was living my dream. These were the mountains I'd imagined myself amongst for years. 

I'm not trying to compare a portered Trek to the magnitude of a solo expedition to the Arctic, however the threads of each are the same: having a dream, believing in the dream, preparing physically and financially then, suddenly second guessing oneself. You have the ability to sort through the self-doubt because you've planned well.

Taking the first step toward a dream, a goal, a desire, or a destination is scary. Whether your dream is scouring the arrondissements of Paris or learning to swim, having a plan takes us from what appears impossible today, to making it possible in the future.     

There's no better time than a brand new year to break out your plan and embark on your dream.   

From Kim, Heike, Jennifer and myself, “We wish you health, love, laughter and may all your wonderful dreams-come-true.”

Happy New Year & Happy Trails