We’re often asked, “WHEN is the best time to book my next travel adventure?”

This is a great question, and the answer varies depending on where you wish to travel, how long you wish to travel for, and type of experience you’re seeking.

Here are a few destinations and types of travel you may want to take note of:

SUN VACATIONS. We’ve been busy booking beach vacations for the past 4 months. If your travel dates are specific, or you have a specific hotel or location in mind – a good rule of thumb is to book sooner rather than later. Huatulco is a perfect example of a destination with limited supply, and high demand, especially when stays exceed 7 days. The early-bird truly gets the worm. (And, speaking of Early Bird – there are many attractive (Early Bird) or Early Booking Bonus’ incentives. Depending on the Sun supplier, the “book by” incentive dates are August 31st, September 30th… and October 31st. No wonder Sun-seekers are out-of-the-gate earlier than ever this year!

If you’re looking for a reprieve from winter and dreaming of beaches further afield, we’d love to share two very special destinations with you. The COOK ISLANDS for 12 or 19 nights, leaving in January, February or March. If you are looking for a more exotic beach locale, ask us aboute a 20 night stay in BALI – departing January 12th . Give us a shout if either of these are on your radar.

INCA TRAIL- PERU. With daily limits for Trekking permits, and a keen interest to hike this ruin laden, iconic Trail – booking ahead is a must! For the 2018 dry season (May through September) be sure you’re booking no later than this fall. Waiting till December or January may or may not be too late, depending on your specific travel time.

AFRICAN SAFARI. CROATIA. ITALY. EUROPEAN RIVER CRUISES. These are all a limited supply, with a veracious appetite to experience! To secure your choice of African Safari, Croatian or Tuscan Villa, or River Cruise of your choice – count on booking in the neighbourhood of a year(ish) in advance. The same applies to the GREAT CANADIAN ARCTIC, SCANDANAVIA & THE BALTICS. 8 - 6 months in advance will generally serve you well for other European Countries.

CRUISING. When the sailing season is short (Alaska), or the cruise itinerary is unique (Transit Panama Canal) or a ship is repositioning (ie: Papette to Lima) booking 10 months to a year in advance will serve you well.

These book ahead timelines are ideal. When ‘ideal’ goes out your planning window, you can book today and travel tomorrow. Jennifer did just that for a family last week. With her expertise everything magically fell together for a happy family of four! J

Heike, Jennifer, Kim and myself are here to assist . . . whenever . . . and to wherever your travel aspirations call you.