​As Canadians this weekend we gather with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is a time to reflect and be thankful.

Mother Nature has thrown the planet some of her biggest curve-balls. She’s thrown us fires, earthquakes and hurricanes of huge magnitude. There are unstable people wandering the earth. The loss of precious lives affects us all. Hearts break, we worry and we try, somehow try, to make sense of it. However, there is no ‘making sense’ of Mother Nature’s forces or dark, unstable minds. We are living in a tumultuous moment in time.

Amongst these forces are hero’s. There are many, many, many heroes’ in our midst. Men and women who work tirelessly to save lives, homes and animals. People who protect us. People who put their lives in harms’ way to ensure we are safe. There are individuals helping those in need. Helping displaced people without homes or resources. These heroes’ offer kindness, empathy and compassion.

I write this on Monday night, October 2nd. Monday is the timeline for this newsletter to arrive to your inbox today. Like you, I sit and close my eyes and attempt to make sense of today’s world. On a day such as today, it’s not so easy. It takes digging deep to believe. However I do. I believe in the kindness of family, neighbours, friends, colleagues and absolute strangers. I believe Mankind is good and strong, loving and generous, and resourceful. I believe our trustworthiness and compassion accompanied by the hope of mankind’s goodness will see us through these chaotic times. I know in my broken heart that love always triumphs evil.

This weekend is a time to gather and bond with loved ones. It is a time for gratitude. It is the time of year filled with glorious colour and moments of quiet contemplation. To each of you I send Love and heartfelt wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving.

May your heart be trusting and hopeful and always find the goodness in others.