We thought it would be fun to share an email we received last week. It was from the jolly ‘ol guy.  Yes, we actually received an email from St. Nick - Mr. Claus himself!


His letter stated, "I've been extra busy lately and Mrs. Claus is run off her feet. We’ve lined up reindeer-sitters for Rudolph and his team, so we're good-to-go on our annual vacations. Please set us up with 10 amazing vacations (when we’re not at the North Pole we spoil ourselves J). We’d like to visit multiple destinations and have unique experiences at each of them. 

Mrs. Claus is ready to trade in her snow boots for flip-flops, so sunshine and relaxing beach time is a must for our first vacation. Please remember we appreciate the finer-things-in-life, we’re interested in culture, nature, and the outdoors AND we’re certainly up for adventure.

We look forward to seeing what great choices you and your Superstar Travel Agents have up your sleeves ."

Yours truly,


                                                               *   *    *     *        

Dear Santa 

It’s so nice to hear from you again! We’re thrilled to rock your world with new and exciting travel experiences…

Here are the awesome vacations we’ve chosen for yourself and Mrs. Claus:

10.   We'll begin your vacations in Barbados where the weather is perfect and the aqua water and white sand beaches are stunning. The smiles of locals are as warm as the Caribbean breeze. You’ll love the personal service at  a 5 star all-inclusive beachfront Resort. We guarantee Mrs. Claus will be delighted with this choice.

9. For a change of pace, Super Agent Heike has organized your next adventure.  And a super cool Adventure it is!  Mr. Claus, you and Mrs. C are going to Morocco! Ride a camel, stay in a desert Bedouin camp, explore the markets of Marrakech, and relax on the beach. This G Adventures National Geographic tour will not disappoint.

8. “When your guide puts his hand up and motions for you to crouch down, you’ll know why. Not too far away is a silverback gorilla!” While in Africa, Jennifer has you gorilla tracking and wildlife viewing in the forests of Rwanda and Uganda. Buckle up!

7.  I'm thrilled you and Mrs. Claus will be joining me in France on the Burgundy Barge Experience! After a day of exploring Dijon we’ll visit vineyards and sample the yummiest of cheeses while drifting the canals of one of the world’s finest wine regions. Feel free to ask your family and friends to jump aboard this floating boutique hotel. They’ll want to book A.S.A.P as the barge only has 11 cabins for 22 fun-loving travellers.

6.  Leaving France, we've booked you on a week’s stopover in Iceland!  The scenery is beautiful, unique and lush-green. This small county is brimming with epic waterfalls, hot springs, geysers, puffins and whales. You may want to start practising pronouncing “Eyjafjallajokull,” Iceland’s famous volcano.     

5. Santa, you're going to Kimberley, BC - a gem of a town tucked in the Rocky Mountains. Bring your outdoor toys: this little town is filled with active mountain fun. The locals are friendly and you’ll love the many dining choices. While in Kimberley Heike, Jennifer, Kim and myself would love to take you for a locally crafted “Overtime” beer.  Kimberley,  #itsagoodplacetobe. We think you’ll agree.  

4. Are you ready for some heart stopping excitement? Costa Rica awaits. You are booked on an adventure vacation including cliff rappelling, jumping off waterfalls, white water rafting and zip-lining.  During your down time, stroll lush cloud forests, and hear the eerie sounds of the Howler monkeys while keeping an eye on slow moving sloths.

3.  Next up, you and “The Mrs.” are booked to cruise the Galapagos Islands. These volcanic islands are much easier to pronounce than Iceland’s volcanoes. You’ll find yourself onboard an upscale boat exploring the diverse Islands with your own personal guide. Imagine snorkelling with sea lions and penguins, and huge sea turtles! This grand adventure is definitely Charles Darwin approved!

2.  Enjoy the comforts of your private cabin, lose yourself in conversation with newfound travelling companions, or simply gaze out the window taking inspiration from the ever changing landscape.  An Australian Rail Journey on the legendary GHAN is your second-to-last monumental vacation.      

1.  And last but not least: Super Agent Kim knows you're an avid snorkeler and she thinks Mrs Claus would love to experience ... (are you ready?) ... Tahiti.  Crystal clear waters and white fringed Polynesian islands are a treat to explore from your small yacht-like Windstar Cruise ship. There’s a water-sports deck off the back of ship (to get you into that sparkling water faster) and you’ll love dining al fresco under the stars. We agreed, this was a perfect ‘wrap up’ vacation before heading back to work.    

We wish you a year of safe and exciting travels, and All the Best for 2017.

Our Team at Mountain City Travel is thrilled to have been entrusted with organizing these 10 Amazing Adventures for you and Mrs. Claus!!  

Yours in Travel,