The bottom of the world is a land of epic grandeur.

It is massive, magnificent and unforgiving. Antarctica is the coldest windiest driest, iciest and highest of the planet’s major landmasses. It is the continent with the longest nights and longest days. It is also one of the last and largest true wilderness’ – largely unchanged since the first sealers, whalers and early explorers .

Exploring Antarctica is more of a private expedition rather than a traditional cruise. For the bold and thirsty traveller drawn to this adventure, the journey begins in Ushuaia (Argentina) where you board on expedition ship and embark on a-day-and-a-half Sir Francis Drake Passage. A perfect opportunity for passionate guides and lecturer’s to impart their knowledge and insight bringing nature and history to life.

Navigating south via the South Shetland Islands through the Bransfield Strait and to the Antarctic Peninsula the goal is to attempt 2 Zodiac landing excursions per day.

Mother Nature’s weather and ice conditions are the governing factors.

The colour spectrum ranges from vivid emeralds, to shades of violet and intense crystal blues. Crimson light plays with icebergs, glaciers, mountains and thick layers of snow. An expedition to Antarctica will bring you closer than you ever imagined to wildlife. You’ll encounter pods of Killer whales (technically dolphins), mammoth Blue, Sperm and Humpback Whales.

Your front-row Zodiac seat will take you past leopard and fur seals lazing on ice floes. And the star of the show, Penguins! Tuxedos are not required when trekking amongst the immense rookeries of these black and white flightless birds.

Antarctica is a continent of superlatives leaving you searching for words attempting to describe it. Awe-inspiring. Magnificent. Humbling - may be just a few.

Watching whales, having intimate wildlife encounters and experiencing our planets most remarkable and vast frontier is a larger than life, epic adventure. No Tuxedo required.

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