HIKING | Because It’s Out There

Challenging treks and pleasant strolls are scattered all over the planet; you just need to know where to find them.

Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Mont Blanc (where Super Agent Diane will be hiking this June), Patagonia, and the Inca Trail are waiting for you to walk all over them. If you’re not into big climbs, don’t sweat it; there are loads of low-impact walks.

Example: Bhutan Trekking from $3599 NOW from $3059

* Walking The Great Wall of China from 1495 NOW $1270

CYCLING | Tour de Everywhere

Just about every environment, from desert to mountain to rolling prairie, is accessible with a trusty bike. The world has plenty of options for leisurely pedallers and hard-core asphalt-eaters alike. Set your pace stopping at a friendly cafe or roadside market, whenever you like, or turn that rolling field you just passed into an impromptu picnic spot.

Example: Cycling Tuscany from $1749 NOW from $1487

MULTISPORT | New Life Goal – Do Everything

Take advantage of the surrounding landscape, delivering an active experience beyond hiking or biking. Share activities like canyoneering in Costa Rica, white-water-rafting the rushing rivers of Argentina, and kayaking in Vietnam. It doesn’t matter how you get where you’re going, just so long as you have a great time along the way.

Example: Costa Rica Kayaking from $1199 NOW from $1020

What’s the HIKING, BIKING & MULTI-SPORT all about?

It’s about saving 15% AND having the time of your life!

Travel before December 15th, 2018 * Book by March 31st, 2018 * Based on 2 sharing a room