It is only a couple more days until lift off! Croatia here I come!

I am super excited to be one of a handful of Travel Agents heading to Dubrovnik to experience G Adventures “Local Living.”

This travel genre is designed to get deep inside a destination, unpack once and discover life as it’s lived every day. Sounds intriguing.

Here’s a glimpse at my ‘work’ over the next week. I’ll be home based in a rustic olive oil farm. From there I’ll be exploring and spending time in the old walled city of Dubrovnik. AND, I’ll be …

  • Learning about olive oil production
  • Cycling through countryside vineyards with wine & Prosecco tasting (of course)
  • Taking a hands-on Croatian cooking class
  • Boat cruising on the Adriatic Sea
  • Swimming on secluded beaches

Our Super Agent Kim, spent 3 weeks in Croatia this time last year - she says I absolutely must try the mouth-watering meat platters found on most menus. That chased with honey Grappa, a terrible tasting (or unique tasting..depending on your point of view) alcoholic beverage.

Apparently honey makes it more palatable.

I’ve learned a few Croatian phrases on a "Learn Croatian' App, but I think my pronunciation may be a little off. We'll see how the locals react to my efforts!

WOW – I can hardly wait!


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