Has the pause of the past year redefined your next vacation?

Are you toying with the idea of walking the Camino? Does ice-cream coned Kilimanjaro dance in your head? Have you imagined yourself exploring European vineyards on foot or hiking the full Torres del Paine O Trek?

With your decision to combine a passion for new horizons and being active while exploring the world, you likely have questions.

What does a walking, hiking, trekking holiday look like? Who’s leading the way? What will we eat? Where will I sleep? Who carries the gear? What else will we do? Will the altitude affect me? How do I learn about a more leisurely hike or walk?
SO many questions and each one is important.

If the idea of your first foot-powered vacation feels intimidating and you’re not sure where to start? If you’re reading this – you’re in the right place. My advice to you is to begin with a Travel Professional who walks the talk, literally.
Consult with a Travel Professional who has experienced Tuscany’s hillsides, Italy’s seaside-mountain trails, the Haute Alps and their magnificent parents ‘the Alps’, and the spiritual and breathtaking Himalayas.

If you’re not sure of where in the world your newfound dream adventure might take you, here is the teeny-tiny smattering of wanderlust walks, brilliant hikes and heart-pumping Treks to start the juices flowing:

Camino de Santiago | Spain | Moderate
Walking the Prosecco Hills | Italy | Leisurely to Moderate
Cork, Killarney & Ancient Celtic Gems | Ireland | Easygoing
Hiking the Azores | Portugal | Moderate
Tenerife, Anaga & Beyond | Canary Islands, Spain | Moderate
Hiking East Greenland | Greenland | Demanding

Mont Blanc Circuit | France, Italy, Switzerland | Demanding
Kilimanjaro | Tanzania, East Africa | Challenging
The Inca Trail | Peru | Demanding

An active vacation is brilliant as a stand-alone experience or beautifully paired before and after with time at a bistro table, seaside R & R-ing, touring, safari or cruising. You may even want to add more activity: a second hike or e-cycle to
another region or close-by country.

A large number of foot-propelled vacations are on sale till March 30th, 2021. A few days from now. They are 15% off,
require a minimal no-penalty deposit and will keep your active-travel fire burning AND, you’ll have a year or more to train!

If your imagination takes you around the world on foot with an active trip in 2022 I’d love to hear from you and help you get started. On the right foot, of course. 😊

Yours In Foot-Powered Travel