COVID has seen restaurants shift from dine-in to take-out, gin distilleries are pumping out hand-sanitizer, Doctors appointments take place over the phone. The list of businesses re-inventing themselves is a long one. Hats off to each of them: I love the resourcefulness of a creative entrepreneur. I wish each of them the very best.

Mountain City Travel needed to be nimble and resilient. The business needed to recalibrate to neutralize the COVID-Tsunami. This storm has not been kind to the travel industry.

Sadly, Heike, Jennifer and Belen are laid-off. These women are brilliant, talented, remarkable and caring human beings. My sincerest wishes to each of them along their life journey. May they each be blessed with wonderful opportunities.  
The physical locale on Wallinger Avenue in Kimberley has been closed. The phone number and email address remain the same. The Agency is operating “virtually.”

Knowledgeable, professional travel advice and striving to deliver excellent service has been and continues to be the guiding principles of Mountain City Travel.

I am positive about the direction Mountain City Travel is travelling. Yes, pun intended. 😊
I remain joyful and passionate about my craft, and I’m certain we will enjoy, cherish and celebrate
the luxury of travelling again.

We can’t change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” That is what I did: adjusted the sails.

Yours In Travel