The layers and layers of fluffy icing-sugar against bluebird skies can only be described as magic - a masterpiece of winter artwork signed by Mother Nature.

The sparkle created by mother nature has infused its way to the turning of a calendar page.
Maybe it's wishful thinking. Maybe it's dreams and wishes laced together as prayer?
With the shift of moving from one year to the next comes great hope.

Knowing the start of the 12-month cycle will be predictably unpredictable. Thinking differently would be naïve. Yet there are promises in the horizons that follow. Great promises.

Twenty-Twenty-Two has a sound and a FEELING to it.

It feels like we are on the brink. The brink of good things to come.

Maybe it’s Polly-Anna wishful thinking? Who knows - maybe there’s pixie-dust in the new-fallen snow?

Whatever it is that infuses my spirit, my wish to you for Twenty-Twenty Two is for your world to sparkle brighter and that your wishes and dreams come true.

With Love & Pixie-Dust