With the festive season comes tradition.

Gramma’s cookie recipe, a smidge of fruitcake with morning coffee, the tree bauble that’s been handed down over the years.

Every family has them – traditions.
Whether it’s a chocolate a day for a few weeks, lego or a Tea Advent calendar - there is excitement in the anticipation of what’s behind each little door.

Advent, what a fun tradition!

One of the most favorite and loved people in my world, my younger-smarter-better-looking brother (wink, wink) and a few friends share a Beer Advent tradition.
A couple of years ago the tradition morphed. Jim began a beer blog, sent daily to his buddies and older-lovely-most-wonderful sister. (wink, wink).
Checking my inbox in the morning to read Jim’s review on his daily hop(py) hour has become, well - tradition. “Plan B Saves the Day” – a week of Beer reviews may be found in this news-y letter.

Who knew there was such a thing as a dessert beer?

Revel in your traditions. Share them with those that surround you.

This holiday season may your home and heart be filled with joy and love (and a smidge of fruitcake).