Written by Diane Manson.

Are you dreaming about your next travel experience? Everything online looks amazing. The choices are endless. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Calling an expert may be your next best step (wink, wink).

The following is a ‘true story:’

A young couple hadn’t had alone, adult time together for years. They’d been dreaming about a vacation, for just the two them. The stars aligned when Grandma and Grampa called—they wanted to spend 2 weeks with their grandchildren. And they wanted their 3 teen grandchildren “all to themselves!”

Mom and Dad were ecstatic. Their vision of reconnecting as a couple and sharing an exciting time travelling together was no longer just a dream.

Their neighbours recently returned from the Dominican Republic and loved their beach holiday, a work colleague swore by cruising, his brother insisted there’s no place like Vegas. They couldn’t decide which option would suit them best.

They sought Professional advice. (That’s us at Mountain City Travel). We dive deep in with questions. “What activities do you love to do in your spare time? What are your favourite restaurants? Does music move them? Are you readers?” So on and so on. We take notes and listened, listened, listened.

To keep the story short, any guesses as to what they did? Was it a white sand beach in the Dominican? Was it gambling and shows in tinsel-town? It was none of these. They went Volcano Trekking in Italy. And they had the time of their life!

It’s now some 15 years later, the kids are grown. They’ve travelled plenty, having explored 3 continents since their first adult trip together. They’re insatiably passionate about travel. They are exploring the planet, which by-the-way, includes beaches now and again.

Moral of the story. Talk to an expert, maybe a beach holiday IS THE PERFECT VACATION for YOU, then again – maybe not. PS – Have you ever considered Barbados?