Are your heartstrings pulled by a deep curiosity to immerse in a faraway culture?

Do you have a desire to learn about your Ancestry and family roots?

Has the past year found you dreaming of taking your children and grandchildren on a memory-making adventure?

Maybe your reason to travel is to improve on a language whilst cooking with locals in they’re kitchens.
Maybe it’s to feel the weightlessness of floating in the Dead Sea? Maybe your dream trip includes sandboarding
on some of the world's tallest dunes and gazing at stars from some of the darkest night skies - in Namibia!

See the world viewed through the most extraordinary lens. Your lens!

Please join myself, Travel and Cruise Consultant Diane Manson and Isabella Borowiec and you’ll
find out how Mountain City Travel and Kensington Tours can hand-craft a brilliant travel experience –
curated with a lens designed specifically for you.

Included in the must watch vid are Kensington Tours destination representatives Chantelle and Evan.
They whisk you to Spain and Portugal and a brief side trip to the Azores as well as South and East Africa.

Please join us with a coffee or tea, or if its’ happy hour a wine or frosty ale will do nicely.
Settle in and click play.

If you are optimistic to travel in the next 9 to 18 months I invite you to call and share your travel dreams
with me. I’d love to help make the travel dream that pulls at your heartstrings come true.

Yours In Dreaming. Yours in Travel