My tactic to the often asked question, “You must really be missing travelling?” was avoidance.

I wasn’t prepared to share how I felt last summer. I was firmly planted and comfortable at home.

Spring and summer of 2020 were spent on my front porch. The truth be known, my internal dialogue went something like this:

Gosh Diane, you’ve had grand adventures in some of the most remarkable corners of planet earth. Your travel days may be over.

The zest and vigour of dreaming about travel were absent. Wanderlust was nowhere to be found.

Although this may sound O.K. my struggle with being O.K. with a zero travel-libido was how could I authentically continue my profession? I’ve always been passionate about my life’s work and I have a strong belief in authenticity.

Last September while getting ready to join a friend I donned a shawl, perfect for a late-day patio visit. The shawl was a gift from friends I’d spent 3 weeks trekking the rugged and remote regions of the Himalayas with. Anita, whom I was on my way to meet, is a dear friend among these friends. I paused with the shawl in my hands as a surge of travel memories completely and delightfully rushed toward me.

With the rush of memories, time stopped, as undoubtedly I knew in that moment, there would be more adventures to come in my lifetime. There, with the rush of memories was my old friend, that unexplainable feeling, that romantic and joyful friend – Wanderlust!

In writing this confessional it occurred to me that a year earlier the lacklustre desire to dream travel wasn’t about being an unauthentic professional - it was about being fully present during a time dictated by the nature of our world.

It occurred to me that maybe I was authentically patient - patience didn’t come easily to me growing up. Perhaps it was to bring me to this moment of sharing my early days thoughts on paper?

I’m smiling as I write this, “I suspect there are many reasons.”

As humankind is collectively paused and with wanderlust on my doorstep, I am happily booked for 2022 and planning 2023’s smoldering travel desire.

As you look back over the past year and look toward the future I hope wanderlust sits invitingly and playfully on your doorstep - that you do so with wonder, anticipation and continued patience.

Please stay safe, stay hopeful and stay in touch.

Yours In Wanderlust