Before we all fell off the cliff together, three plus years ago, I learned about Quark Expeditions South Greenland itinerary. No other expedition company had an experience with the intense focus of the beautiful fjords of South Greenland. 

This felt like a knock it-out of-park experience, thus the planning and dreaming began. Over time, my enthusiasm spread, and we became a group of seven adventurous souls. 

For a week, we became known as the Canadian gals, “The Group of Seven.” 

This is written at 38,000 feet, a speed of 803 kilometers per hour, and I am accompanied by six, kind, extraordinary, amazing, and fun women. We are on our way home from south Greenland. We did it all. 

We explored south Greenland by ship on the Ultramarine, by zodiac and kayak, and walked and hiked at the foot of stunning fjords and glacier moraines. We were whisked in two H145 twin-engine helicopters to the world’s second largest ice sheet, and to mountain-tops where the views left you breathless and overwhelmed. 

We were guided by an Expedition Team of 34 ologists and naturalists that helped us to understand the stunning nature, history, and wildlife, and introduced us to locals and the local culture of south Greenland.  

Safety was the priority of the Quark Expedition Team. They were experienced professionals from around the globe, with an incredible passion for ‘polar.’ They were darn nice people!  

To share this epic experience with six wonderful women was magic and made the experience extra, extra special. Thank you, “Group of Seven.” 

I'm incredibly grateful, privileged and touched, to have experienced the people, the magnificence, and wonders of the world’s largest island. 

Thank you and bless you Greenland. 

Yours in Spirit of Expedition   

Atop the Mountains of South Greenland  JULY 2023