Holy-moly it's hot!

Beyond ice-cubes in almost everything I drink, the opening and closing of windows and curtains at strategic times throughout the morning and late evening, and most nights sleeping without a sheet - I’ve expanded my practice of keeping cool. You’ll find me at Mark Creek, immersed up to my neck in a cool and oh-so refreshing pool of water.

Being “IN” the water is THE BEST!

While sitting “IN” the water my mental imagery is glaciers, icebergs and the coldest dip ever in crisp, icy waters. The waters surrounding Antarctica!
To paint the picture yet further–can you see those adorable tuxedo-clad penguins waddling about on a snowy shoreline?

If your dream is to witness the raw beauty of Antarctica, an expedition cruise is the ultimate ‘KOOL!’ A perfect opportunity to take the plunge.

A Polar Plunge.

Like Antarctica herself, massive and magnificent, you’ll enjoy magnificent savings:
Sail in January, February or March 2022 and SAVE 15%!

Sail during the end of 2021 and save 20%!

Book by July 31st. This offer is exclusive when you book with a certified G Adventures’ Specialist (wink, wink that’s me).

Call today to take the plunge!

Yours in Adventure & Mastering How-to-Keep Cool
Diane 😊