I’m excited to share with you a destination which is incredibly unique, and on sale till January 31st extended till February 28th!

My pick is an archipelago of volcanic islands found 900 kilometres off the coast of South America, an evolutionary classroom and corner of the planet which is truly gob-smacking (drumroll):

….. “The Galapagos Islands!”

This tidy, bundled package truly performs when looking at value-for-your-vacation-dollar. (Another drumroll please) ….

The performance just got even better. Book Galapagos Islands by January 31st extended till February 28th and save 15%. Valid for travel till December 15th, 2019!
Here’s my favorite way to experience The Galapagos Islands. Here’s a nutshell picture of a Galapagos Islands visit:
Day 1 - A friendly someone meets you at the Quito Airport and takes you to your hotel in Quito

Day 2 - ‘On your own’. A great opportunity to check-out historic Old Town. 6:00 PM (ish) - meet for Galapagos Islands briefing  

Day 3 – EARLY flight to Baltra Island, board your small ship and settle in and let your adventure unfold

Day 4 - 8 – Twice a day snorkel with gazillions of fish, turtles, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas (to name a few)
         Twice a day walkabout and explore stunning powder white sand beaches, newly formed volcanic islands. Find colonies of Blue Foots, Albatross (the biggest birds ever!), Land and Marine Iguanas, crazy colorful Sally Lightfoot Crabs and lolling Sea Lions (to name a few)

Day 9 – A morning farewell zodiac excursion, lunch, flight back to Quito, met by that friendly someone that takes you to your Quito Hotel
           Wrap this up with a passionate and knowledgeable Galapagos Islands Guide, daily briefing, friendly professional crew, snorkel gear, breakfast at Quito hotel, all meals while aboard your small ship (16 passengers).   
Choose your style of boat ranging from spacious and stylish to basic and comfortable vessels.
Save a bundle for sailings before December 15th, 2019, when booked by January 31st, extended till February 28th!
We are happy to share our expertise and help you discover the gob-smacking Galapagos Islands!
Happy Trails!