Are you celebrating Valentines’ with your partner of 4 or 40 years? Are you celebrating with family or your BFF?
Whether you’re enjoying coffee in bed, red cinnamon hearts, balloons or flowers we wish you a fun, celebratory and indulgent Valentine weekend.  
And speaking of indulgences we wanted to share a few very sweet travel and travel-gift indulgences with you:
A diamond-like travel experience. Think of giant chunks of sea ice that glint and sparkle. Envision stunning visuals of whites and blues and violets. See enormous whales and the cutest ever tuxedo-clad flightless birds – PENGUINS!

If this is your idea of take-your-breath-away travel, and yes there will be chocolate during this experience, you are officially on Antarctica Valentines Alert.
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There’s something about nostalgic romance. Have you been to a foreign land, and then read a book or seen a movie that takes place there?

There’s nothing quite like seeing the story in your mind’s eye. We’re sure you can see yourself eating the most amazing pizza and practising Italian with your waiter in Italy? The sounds and smells and colours and chaos of India likely come back to you instantly?

Do you remember the peaceful and gentle nature of the Balinese people? Elizbeth Gilbert’s romantic novel Eat Pray Love, turned movie, is a delicious and romantic visit to three wonderful countries. Gifting a great book, or Netflix movie night is an inexpensive, fun and nostalgic way to re-visit travels with your Valentine.  

Do history’s famous lovers ignite your travel passions? Imagine exploring Egypt, the cradle of civilization and the backdrop to the dramatic love story of Antony and Cleopatra. See colossal Pyramids, The Great Sphinx, the chaos of Cairo and colourful herb and spice markets. Imagine cruising the Father of Rivers, the great Nile river.  
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We also think treating yourself is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s. Treat yourself with a visit to the bakery, spend time at the Spa, take a long bubble bath, book yourself on an amazing travel adventure. AND…without a doubt, be sure there’s chocolate in your weekend!  

Yours in Travel (and Chocolate)

Diane, Heike, Jennifer, Kim & Belen