The past month of rumination, is unlike any previous December’s reflections. I expect I’m not alone in saying almost every corner of my world has been flipped on its’ head. And yet within the topsy-turvy of this wild-riding pandemic I’ve found generous life gifts.  
I am loved and lifted up by family and the kindest friends anyone could imagine or ever wish for. The craziness of COVID has made strong bonds stronger and brought special people back into my life. Steadfast beautiful souls have kept me grounded during the instability of the past 10 months.  
Leaders at every government level have been forced to make decisions where there is no script and the only constant is instantaneous change. I stand prouder as a British Columbian and a Canadian and I feel exceptionally privileged to reside in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
I am humbled to witness the incredible compassion and respect as a citizen of humankind.
Oceans and reefs are recovering, skies are clearer, the planet is quieter. The sun rises and sets daily.
COVID-19 has touched every continent and impacted every human being on the planet. Although there have been wakeful nights thinking about the challenges and destruction of its path, today as the year closes I’m not giving the dark corners of COVID energy or ink.
Intellectually I know life will not magically or immediately be different with the flip of the calendar. Mentally though, I welcome 2021 as a time of renewal and a time to dream with a hopeful heart.
My wish to you is for a lighter and joyful Year ahead and a peace-filled heart. May 2021 bring good health,
warm hugs, handshakes, in-person meetings and prosperity.  
Happy. New. Year.
Sent with Love and a Hopeful Heart