Written by & Images by: Diane Manson, CTC | Travel & Cruise Consultant

I’m grateful for little things. Even in the kitchen.

While making muffins early one morning I was thinking about what to write about in this newsletter.

I was also mentally bouncing back to a Zoom call I’d been on the day prior where the topic of a gratitude journal came up.

Why not write about gratitude of the things in my kitchen? Why not? Here goes . . . .

Harriot Hedgehog: my terracotta sugar saver is a game-changer. This pantry gem changed my perspective when reaching for the bag of brown sugar. Rather than dread a rock-hard block of sugar, the sugar is always granular soft. My sister-in-law tucked this wee clay critter into my Christmas stocking over a year ago. Thank you Colleen.

Who invented spatulas! This amazing kitchen tool is on the verge of magic. Especially my one inch spatula that fits perfectly into a tomato paste can. Tomato paste cans bring a smile to my heart.

About a year ago I was gifted with a recipe by two sisters whom I’ve come to know over the years of planning their adventures. We’ve learned a lot about one another’s Italian roots with the sharing of heartwarming stories. I was honored when these lovely gals entrusted me with a copy of their Nona’s handwritten family-only spaghetti sauce recipe.

My Mother-in-laws vintage Electric Hand Mixer. She used it during her lifetime and it makes my heart feel good whenever I use it.

Displaying the gift-of-art-to-the-world calendar was a delightful start to my first morning of the new year. Thank you Lori Jo for bringing your talent and joyful spirit to my kitchen.

In the morning when warming up milk for my coffee I use a small Turkish tea glass from Göreme. This ceramic reminds me of the quiet and breathtaking hot air balloon ride above the surreal fairy-chimneys’ of Cappadocia.

My heart melts when I use the penguin pitcher purchased at an outing to the Farmer’s Market with my Mom.

Although I’m grateful for its’ functionality - watering plants, holding occasional bouquets, and decanting wine - it’s original purpose was that it served as my Antarctica travel inspiration. It still serves as this and yet most dear to my heart is remembering the Saturday shopping adventure with my Mom and her words and encouragement to always ‘follow your dreams.’

I pause and think - initially I didn’t know where the idea of a kitchen gratitude-list might lead.

It’s clear the purpose and significance of documenting gratitude is the richness reflection brings to one’s heart.

It turns out a kitchen gratitude list is about the people I love, about the places I’ve been privileged to visit, and the rich and wonderful memories made along the way.

Yours In Gratitude