The pleasures of this past years’ travelling has largely been via Netflix, YouTube and other online video sources. We’ve seen some darn spectacular corners of planet earth.

Please join Martin Aldrich, John Houston and myself onboard an a-day-in-the-life-of expedition cruise to the breathtaking Canadian High Arctic.

We’ll also take a glimpse into the life, the culture, dance and the timeless art of Canada’s Inuit community.

Can you imagine yourself in a zodiac viewing the stunning landscapes of the North?

Walking on the tundra, witnessing Polar bears at play?

Does Canada’s High Arctic beckon you?

If seeing, hearing, touching and feeling the pristine remote wonders of the Canadian High Arctic are what your travel dreams are made of, plan now for 2022 and 2023.

“Good Morning” takes on new meaning when you CALL your polar passionate Travel Consultant Diane.

Yours in Expedition Cruising


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“Goooood Morning” just go a whole lot better!