With the days growing shorter and the larch needles almost gone, I hope you’re enjoying the flavors of the season.  

It’s that time of year when we’re blessed with late season tomatoes, and what better way to enjoy them than with basil, garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil on toasted bread rounds. 

Bruschetta bonanza is a mini trip to Italia.  

This year’s Honey Crisp apples are so delicious they’ve inspired me to bake my favorite coffee accompaniment - Apple Cake! This Dutch treat tastes almost like a mini visit to Amsterdam’s Winkel43.

Keeping in the spirit of “mini’s”, Mountain City Travel has a mini giveaway: you can win a Google Home Mini and entering is easier than baking a cake! 

Email travel@mcity.ca with your Name and Phone Number by October 31st. 

   ** That’s it, you’re entered! **  

So, if the siren call of a pumpkin spice latte interrupts this newsletter, be sure to drop back and share where your exciting travel dreams take you. 

It’ll take only a ‘mini- ½ minute.’  

Cheers to You, and Your Delicious Travel Dreams!