I've been thinking about dessert lately.

I grew up with dessert being a yummy treat enjoyed after dinner.

What would happen if we ate dessert first?

This concept was introduced to me when gathered together at a girls' pot luck dinner a couple of years ago. As we arrived to the hostess’ home with plates and bowls of appetizers, salads and main dishes – there, sitting on the counter was Bonnie’s signature apple pie. We’d had Bonnie’s pie once in the past and we all commented on how blissfully delicious her pie was.

While having a glass of wine before dinner one of the gals shared a family tradition. Occasionally they ate dinner backwards, eating dessert first.

She continued by sharing one of their family ‘dessert first’ stories. I loved the humor and would like to share it with you.

Their adult daughter invited her new beau to attend a family dinner to introduce him to her parents and sister. Puttering about the kitchen, The Smiths’ decided to have a ‘dessert first’ dinner. At the time the young man didn’t question the odd dining sequence although it did surface sometime later that he thought this was peculiar and momentarily wondered if this newly introduced family was a little odd?

There wasn’t much convincing when it was suggested to start our pot-luck meal with Bonnie’s food-stylist-dream-photo Apple pie.

It was delicious. It felt decadent. I loved it!

Last summer with most everything flipped on its’ head seemed like a good time to introduce my husband to ‘dessert first.’ One look at the beautifully handcrafted made-with-love-cake from Kimberley’s Grow Cake and Chocolate would realign the most firmly planted meal traditionalist.

It was beyond delicious. It was decadent. We loved it!

I expect you’re wondering how and where the heck ‘dessert first’ fits with this travel newsletter? Well, I liken ‘dessert first to travelling.

Travelling to a foreign land, meeting new people, exploring, experiences that change my perspectives, hearing different languages –

all of the wonders and joy that accompany the privilege of travelling is the BEST dessert ever! Travelling is delicious.

Although I’ve never eaten so well over the past year I now wait with anticipation and sometimes catch myself daydreaming of the first bite of a Pastel de NataI at a bistro table in Belem. Sitting on the green Essex coast with a dark chocolate cookie dusted with Maldon salt flakes.

Oh, that scoop of creamy rich Tahitian vanilla ice-cream in Moorea. And when in Oz, I’ll definitely have my Sticky Date Pudding before the lamb entrée.

Until the sweetness of ‘travel dessert’ arrives I think I’ll break tradition again – likely more than once, and enjoy dessert-first.

In fact, I think I’ll do that tonight.

Yours in Travel (and Dessert)