In response to COVID-19, cruise lines have been working with the best minds and leaders in public health, biosecurity, epidemiology, hospitality and maritime operations. They continue to work closely with the CDC and are committed to science-backed plans for safe and healthy cruising.

Although cruising has largely ceased for the past year many people are unaware that Royal Caribbean has successfully operated 150 cruises out of Singapore during the pandemic. Of 100,000 passengers who sailed with Royal Caribbean Group, only 10 positive cases were reported. There have been very few infections, all of which have been handled smoothly, while protecting guests and the surrounding communities visited by the cruise line. Royal Caribbean will soon set sail with cruise itineraries from Israel.

This past week Crystal Cruises’ recorded its biggest single day of bookings in company history reporting an extraordinary response in the first 24 hours of reservations for its new Luxury Bahamas Escapes aboard Crystal Serenity setting sail July 3rd.

In a recent press release Oceania Cruises announced that on the launch of its exotic itineraries for winter 2022-2023, the cruise line had an all-time record with the most bookings taken in a single day in the company’s 18-year history.

This booking record comes several weeks after Oceania’s epic six-month-long world cruise sold out on the first day it opened for sale to the general public.

The numbers are clear. Cruising is BACK!

Whether you’re an avid cruiser, have a curiosity to explore the world on a ship, or even if you believe cruising isn’t for you I encourage you to watch a preview of Silversea's 2023 World Cruise. Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, traveller and master storytelling takes you on an inspiring and epic journey from the South Seas to the depths of the Amazon Jungle, sailing to some of the world’s most unique and remote places.

As cruising is re-introduced with science-backed safety to ensure a healthy return to travel and with exotic and inspired sailings like Silversea’s Shadow one understands why the demand for cruising will outpace supply.

I confess, I‘ve watched this 26-minute video clip, South Side Story, more than once. It helps to temper my raging spring-fever-wanderlust for travel and elevates it all at the same time!

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