by Diane Manson – Travel & Cruise Consultant

I met Maureen two years ago on my daily stop to pick up coffee. She learned the to-go coffees were for my Mom and myself. My Mom was in a care home needing temporary full-time care; she’d tripped, fallen and broken both arms. That’s right, BOTH arms! My Mom loves her morning java and this was our ritual for the better part of her six-week recovery. Maureen was lovely and so friendly with whomever she waited on. She always asked about my Mom and was so kind and genuine. She was someone you encounter that makes your heart feel good.
I meant to write a letter to the Starbucks Manager in Cranbrook. I wanted to ensure he or she knew what an amazing ambassador Maureen was for their business. Alas, I never did write the well-intended letter.
A few weeks ago I was in Starbucks and Maureen was there; smiling. Much time had passed since we’d seen one another, yet she remembered my Mom and asked about my family. We shared a few moments conversing about our respective families. Maureen sent me on my way with a complimentary coffee, explaining a customer had left her with money to gift a coffee to whomever Maureen deemed should have one. I was so touched.
I wanted to return the gesture of kindness this patron had bestowed upon me and continue the cycle of starting someone’s day with a coffee and smile. And the best part was leaving this in the capable hands of Maureen and her delightful manner.
Maureen is professional and personable. She is kind, she beautifully and seamlessly looks after those she serves. She makes a difference in your day.
You’re likely expecting to be reading about travel and may be wondering why you’re reading about Maureen? I reflect on my purchase of coffee which is more than a transaction. It’s the anticipation of a friendly smile, it’s how I feel after a lovely chat and yes, savoring a good cup of coffee.  
When you entrust your travels with Heike, Jennifer, Kim, Belen and myself we hope you feel you’re in the hands of a knowledgeable professional. We hope you feel sincere commitment ensuring your dreams and adventures come true. We hope you feel special, respected, and have fun along the way. Hopefully, your time and our business together brings a smile to your heart.