A wonderful Read in Alaska!

Written by Diane Manson.

Several years ago, I cruised to Alaska on a work gig. At Skagway I elected to go hiking, during my day in port. Along the trail to Laughton Glacier, is where I met Heather Lende and her hiking companions. During the course of the day, I crossed paths with these gals a few times. At the lunch stop one of the resident hikers shared their home-made canned salmon, having a wonderful conversation, swapping small town stories of life and community in Kimberley, BC, and Haines, Alaska. At the end of the day we sat on a big rock by the river, stretching our hiking muscles, conversing further. One of the hikers shared that Heather was a published writer. It was easy to recognize the pride and respect and her enthusiasm of sharing her friends profession with me.

One of the first things I did upon arriving home was to go to my favourite book store—Lotus Books—and order Lende’s book.

Some ‘reads’ are set aside for just the right time. I had the intuition this was one of those books. I waited patiently for several months. This book was enjoyed on cool, dark nights, snuggled into my sleeping bag, read by the light of a headlamp while trekking in Nepal. A special book, saved and then savoured along a hiking trail seemed to be appropriate, seeing as hiking was how I was introduced to Lende. I loved her journalistic style stories woven with life’s lessons. I loved the book!

A year or two later, I had the good fortune to make my way to Alaska again. I was aware Heather (sounds like we’re besties), had recently published another book. I looked forward to purchasing this newly released book in Alaska (sorry Lotus). Luck would have it I was able to buy a signed copy at the local book store in Skagway. I devoured “Take Good Care of The Garden and The Dogs” as I cruised the Inside Passage on my last couple of days at sea.

Along with Lende’s fans, and there are many (her books are New York Times Best Sellers), I’m ecstatic to learn book number 3.

PS – I’m not headed to Alaska in the near future, so a phone call to Lotus to order FIND THE GOOD! is on my “to-do list.”

PSS – hmmm, will I read Lende’s book in the Kootenay’s or “save” it for the next hiking adventure?