”When there’s enough time I’ll get to that,” is something you’ve likely not heard for about a month.  
Some of you are trying new recipes, learning to bake bread and logging hours in the kitchen. Toss in Netflix binge-watching, spring cleaning, crafting, yoga, Facebook, and the-project-that’s-been-waiting-for-when-there’s-enough-time, are life’s activities these days. I’d be remiss not to mention the time spent settling into a good jigsaw puzzle or a great book.  
I love the creativity of human beings during these unusual and uncertain times.
Our worlds’ are quieter, we are moving more slowly. And in slowing down, the human race is gentler: more thoughtful.
There seems to be a greater awareness of others, how they may be feeling, and how they may be coping. The gifts of kindness to family near and far, friends, neighbours, and strangers is heartwarming.  
William Shakespeare describes this simply and perfectly, “Beauty lives with kindness.’
My wish to you this Easter weekend (and beyond) is, 'Continue being creative, have fun, look after one another, love one another, stay home, and please, “Keep washing your hands.”

Walk gently and be well.
From My Heart To Yours