As a soup effeciando and someone who would happily eat soup daily (even for breakfast), my theory is, "ALWAYS judge a restaurant by it's Soup . . especially the Chicken Soup."

Just after Thanksgiving I'm inspired to write about soup. Leftover Turkey will do that.

The first item I look for on a menu is Soup. If Sopa de Poyo - the yummiest-ever version of Chicken Soup, is on the menu - I look no further. This is more than soup, it's Chicken Soup at it's finest and a meal in itself. Expect a steaming bowl of heartiness with big (really big), el dente vegetables and whole chicken pieces simmered in made-from-scratch chicken broth to arrive at your table. Dee-lish!

I've had a handful of noteworthy and memorable 'Chicken Soup experiences.' Yes I refer to these dining moments as "experiences." And as crazy as it sounds, they are filed in my mental filing cabinet labeled "Awesome Chicken Soup."

  • A bustling, quaint eatery on Broadway in Vancouver; now closed :sob:
  • Beachfront, toes in the sand, seated in a plastic molded chair in Yelapa, Mexico
  • The Royal Playa del Carmen, Playa del Carmen, Mexico (I was delighted to have the pleasure to meet the Chef after sending compliments to the kitchen)
  • Honorable mention goes to Hot Shots in Cranbrook

Whether you're fine dining or at an off-the-beaten-path-eatery, the 'soup themometer' rarely proves wrong.

I'm keen to know where in the world you've found a bowl of brilliant soup. Whether it's Thai Curry Lentil, Tuscan White Bean, French Onion, Clam Chowder, Spiced Moroccan - I can hardly wait to hear about your memorable bowl of soup!