It begins as a dream, swimming around in your head.

It can apply to a weekend, several weeks of your life, even months. The vision takes place in an unknown land.

Then it becomes official. You commit yourself; you are booked. The dream shifts into high-definition technicolor.  

You’re enjoying the first third of “A Third. A Third. A Third.” It’s the bits and pieces describing, “The wonder-filled anticipation of travel.” 

Along with the dreamy part, is the practical side: learning a different currency, plugs and voltage, wardrobe planning, blog reading, guide books (yes, travellers still purchase paper books), planning conversations with your Travel Advisor. 

Researchers suggest the positive effects of the anticipation of your next adventure are a benefit to your mental health. I couldn’t agree more: the anticipation of a next travel adventure Is a wonderful place to dwell. 

AHHHHH. The first Third

The next third is your experience. Breathing, smelling, tasting, seeing it. 

New sounds, visuals far beyond where your imagination took you, tastes you’ve not known before. The people you meet, their story, their kindness, experiencing cultures, and practices unlike yours. 

The moments, days, and weeks of what was once a dream, is WOW! 

The second third is living it! 

Upon arriving home, as you mentally sift through your journey, the wonder and memory of a new land, and different traditions continue to unravel. 

The finale is a powerful third. Through a new lens, It can demonstrate compassion, respect, empathy, gratefulness, and acceptance. 

Travel experiences unite us, and your circle of friendships expands. Whether the friendship was fleeting, or it turns into a lifetime bond. 

The imprint on your heart is timeless. The memories are forever embedded. 

Wherever you may be in your travel journey, I hope you embrace and fully enjoy the magic of every “third.”    

Happy Trails & Yours In Travel

XO Diane