Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Do you want to surprise your wife with a romantic anniversary getaway? If there's anything you can give on your special day together, it's hard to top a romantic holiday! While there are many romantic spots in the U.S., nothing beats a romantic getaway in France. One of the most romantic vacation spots in the world is the charming Chassignolles in France.

Located 10 miles southwest of the city of Lyon, the laid back and romantic atmosphere in Chassignolles makes it a perfect holiday spot for honeymooners and couples celebrating their anniversary. There are many places to see in Chassignolles, such as old churches and 12th century architectural structures. It is also home to the largest national park in France so be sure to visit that as well!

Aside from the old yet still majestic structures found around town, you can make your holiday extra special by surprising your wife with a room with a view. The town of Chassignolles is surrounded by countless wildflower meadows. Choose the right hotel room and enjoy the view with your special someone while toasting to more happy years to come.

Your wedding anniversary is a very special event that has to be celebrated in the most special way possible. Surprise your wife to a romantic and grand getaway for your anniversary. Book a trip to Chassignolles, France with your trusted travel agent today and let them plan your holiday for you.