Addis Ababa & Medieval castles
We begin on the high plateau discovering a little about the country's fascinating history before flying to Gondar just north of Lake Tana. Once the imperial capital, Gondar's most famous monuments are its exceptionally well preserved 17th century castles. We'll visit King Fasilidas castle, Derbre Berham Selassie church and the remarkable bath a mile or so outside of town known as the 'Pavilion of Delight'. This whole complex of buildings is unique in Ethiopia and unlike anything found elsewhere in Africa.

Into the Simien Mountains
Driving north to Debark on the edge of the Simien range we begin our 9-day mountain trek. Dramatic views unfold before us as we hike deep into the National Park to our first camp at Sankaber. Look for Gelada baboon and striking red-hot poker plants as we trek onto Geech Camp. Here, we'll have time to rest or possibly hike to a viewpoint at Imet Gogo (3926m) for spectacular views into a vast canyon and over to rock spires and mesas.

Ascent of Ras Dashen
Next we trek to Chenek and after a spectacular crossing of the Mesheha River valley we arrive at Ambikwa. Then at sunrise we start our attempt on Ethiopia's highest peak, eventually entering a huge semi-circular basin of rocky peaks and buttresses - Ras Deshen (4543m). Descending to Sona, we cross the Essaye river to the lowland mountains and villages. We make our way out of the Simiens via Mulit with views to the Awuza peaks before returning to Gondar and a flight back to Addis Ababa.

Tour Comfort

Our basic accommodation can offer the most rewarding and memorable places to stay. These are usually communal or camping style with shared facilities. Running hot and cold water may be unreliable and overall comfort levels are basic.

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Tour Type: Small Groups

Breakfasts: 12

Lunches: 10

Dinners: 9

Accomodation: 4 nights

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